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A Boxer is a joyful, silly, fun-loving, affectionate and occasionally stubborn breed of dog. Do not think you can mold him into a dog that will accommodate your lifestyle. As precious as Boxer puppies are, they don’t stay that way or that size forever.

To even try could mean breaking the spirit and essence of this spectacular breed. People seem to forget that a cute Boxer puppy turns a big, handsome, full grown adult dog that requires a lot of your time and attention. They are “shadows,” often following you from room to room – even waking from a nap to do so!

One must weigh carefully, the decision to bring a Boxer into his or her life and home. A Boxer in his adolescence is NOT easy to handle for the novice or unprepared person. They crawl in your lap, jump up on you and love to give those sloppy wet Boxer kisses. Boxers are late to mature (that means they act like puppies and do not tend to “settle down” until the age of 3 or 4 years). Taking a quick walk down the street is not sufficient.

You must truly be a “dog person” to coexist happily with a Boxer. A Boxer needs a good play session with his human and a toy/ball or another dog(s) in order for him to expend his energy.

Boxers are not considered high maintenance when it comes to grooming, but remember to clip those nails regularly!Boxers have great affection reserved especially for children (and older adults too).Most can recognize the need to be more patient and gentle with these fragile beings; however, some are better at executing it than others!Boxers have the tendency to bowl over young children when they get excited or while playing.If you would find this unacceptable, do not get a Boxer dog!!!!

While Boxers in general, tend to be protective towards their family members, some are better at it than others!

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Dating a boxer introduction

Dating a boxer

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