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Milo ventimiglia dating 2016

It’s time for us to discuss a serious issue that plagues our TV screens this fall: Milo Ventimiglia, star of This Is Us, is too buff to play a dad from the 1980s.This makes it hard to watch This Is Us with any sense of seriousness — not, of course, that you’re supposed to watch the show with too much seriousness in the first place.Let’s take a look at the evidence: Consider the first scene of This Is Us, which seems to take place in 2016, due to the fact that we are witnessing a man, with a body that could be an advertisement for a protein-powder brand, hide his modesty behind a Terrible Towel.

Later in the decade, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone (check out his transformation from Rocky to Rambo) would start to perpetuate a bulkier ideal.

If you want to locate a pivotal moment for the place of the male body in the American imagination, you could do worse than looking at the volleyball scene in 1986’s Top Gun, which finds the camera idolizing aspects of the male physique — musculature, especially — in ways that feel familiar to us today, even if the bodies themselves are not yet as scientifically, exaggeratedly toned as the ones we see onscreen today.

This Is Us doesn’t tell us a lot about Jack, Ventimiglia’s character, other than the fact that he rocks a good mustache (aw), he’s a good dad (nice), he’s an alcoholic (sad), and that he loves the Steelers (hey, we all have flaws).

As a suburban dad who’s caring for three children in the 1980s, Jack probably doesn’t have time to invest in any newfangled exercise regimes.

The best he can hope for is any variety of the leads of Three Men and a Baby, Selleck if he’s lucky. ) Any number of shows feature leads with anachronistic body types.

Outlander seems to take place in an 18th-century Scotland with a P90X program; the spies on The Americans could blow their cover at any moment for being just too pretty.

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Milo ventimiglia dating 2016 introduction

Milo ventimiglia dating 2016