Renegade secrets of dating married women

In my opinion, it was a better show than last year's. Unfortunately, a poor girl never got to fully experience the schemer mustache ride. To connect politically, it is best to pretend to be a 73-year-old man on his 3rd wife, while the audience pretends to be blackhawk helicopters. The bastard child of Liza Monelli & John Glenn learned to play the drums in the Meteor Crater.2. Pluto specializes in destroying things and transforming lives for benefit, enrichment and growth. With Scorpio & its ruler Pluto being associated with the 8th house — the house of other people’s property — I think it’s safe to say that O. P., made famous in the ’90s rap song, is a zodiac hazard. Mostly this is discussed in terms of money and inheritance, but let’s be real here, it can involve a wide range of other people’s property — and often tends to be other people’s lovers. I’m not condemning or suggesting this is unethical — it’s no more unethical than Pluto’s other forms of strategic destruction.

To that end, their competitive nature, need to possess, love of secrecy and all things hidden and taboo all converge to feed what can be a magnetic attraction to affairs or controversial liaisons. She’s known for saying scathing things about her after she poached Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston.

The Scorpio nature of negotiating Life through the values of self and self-interest is also a factor. However, Julia herself reportedly fell in love with married Aquarius and cameraman Danny Moder on the set of the movie “The Mexican,” had an affair with him for two years, and later humiliated his wife, Vera, publicly as the Moders went through a divorce.

Julia was famously photographed in a shirt saying “Unpretty Woman” on the front and “A Low Vera” on the back.

It’s also said that she paid Vera a handsome sum to wrap the divorce up quickly and leave Moder alone. Why does she perceive her act of man poaching as something more noble than Jolie’s?

Of course, Julia remains a celebrity darling with children by Moder. I do think Scorpios see their affairs as more redemptive and beyond reproach.

They can operate, perhaps self-righteously, from the Pluto psychology that if the bond is destroyed and replaced with another then it is a transformative act — a renewal, an improvement, a righting of a cosmic wrong.

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Renegade secrets of dating married women introduction

Renegade secrets of dating married women

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