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Updating emule server list

- NAFC (network adapter feedback control) - advanced Uploadbandwidththrottler with adjustable slotspeed - Xtreme Downloadmanager for a clever source-handling - improved Xtreme-Creditsystem - Powerrelease with dynamic Hide OS - Anti-Leercher-Feature - hundrets of code improvements und vieles mehr... - Web Cache [WC team/Morph XT] - Stulle/Max - Active Connection Control [Obelix/Max] - display CPU/MEM usage in transferwnd [$ick$/Stulle] - Max - Global Hardlimit [Stulle/many ideas by Max] - Stulle - Push-small-files (boost can be configured manually) [Sivka/Stulle] - Stulle - Different Credit Systems [East Share/ Moprh XT/ Stulle] - Stulle - Argos Anti-Leecher System [David Xanatos/Jv A] - Safe Hash [Slugfiller/Si Ro B] - Slot Control [Xman/Stulle/Jv A] - Re Ask Sources after IP Change [maella/Stulle] - Source Drop System [sivka/Jv A] - Shared Parts [David Xanatos/Jv A] - Modeless Dialogs [Slugfiller/David Xanatos] - Dynamic Block Request [netfinity] - Power Share [zz/Sirob/Stulle] - Nice Looking GUI [Wi Za Rd/Xman/Dark Master/Jv A] - Queue List per File [Jv A] - Save Last Request [Jv A] - Angel Argos Anti-Leecher system - select different punishment/ban for each category [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Don't ban friends [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Anti Nick Thief v2.3 (Wi Za Rd/Stulle) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Dynamic Leecher Protection (Xman) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Spam detection (Xman) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Agressive client Detection (orginal: sivka-ban by Cyrex2001) [s Fr Ql Xe Rt] - Sub-Chunk Transfer - Crumbs, enables sharing of not yet completed parts - Dynamic Block Requests - Delayed NNP - Drop Stalled Sources - Redownload only data of banned clients on corruption - Safe KAD (slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes) - VIP ("Payback") Queue - Balanced Ratio Payback - Smart Part File Push - All the features of the ESE Mod- Header View Allows Viewing - Permanent search filters Permanent search filters option 1.4g - Slot Focus Basic - Download improvements Prevent slower client's locking out faster clients - Upload improvements Added no sleep for uploadthrottler thread - Virus scan Anti Vir 7 Premium support added 1.5d - Forceshare *Re-evaluated and redesigned version 1.3a etc.

- MTU - Settings[Maella] merged from Xtreme- Search Colors[Wi Za Rd] - Emulate others [Wi Za Rd/Spike/shadow2004/evcz] merged from Magic Angel- Credits Reset Exploit Prevention[netfinity] merged from net F Warp - Fakealyzer[netfinity] merged from net F Warp- Neo Download Commands [Xanatos] merged from Neo Mule- Client Analyzer Score Collumn [p P] merged from R-Mod und vieles mehr...

- Handles A4AF collissions better than official e Mule - Focus the upload bandwidth to as few upload slots as possible!

- Upload Speed Sense: finds the best upload speed - Power Share: Powershare files without having to unshare any files - ZZ Friend Slots: Enhanced co-release/friends functionality!

Filtering will prevent up- and downloading to the banned clients It is not possible to add single clients by mouse click to the list of banned clients nor will it ever be.

Filtering is done on TCP level so no connection to banned clients is ever established.

The IP-filterlists are NOT maintained by emule-project.

Very important is having the file always updated, so that e Mule can have, and use, a better servers list. To update e Mule file with a URL, you can insert the URL of a file stored on internet directly in the server’s tab of e Mule, fill the input in the “Update from a URL” with a valid link and clicking “Update”.

Open Options, General tab, Varius Option section and check the “Bring to front on link click” box: it must be marked!

If you could not execute this file, you should have disabled the e D2K protocol in e Mule configuration.

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Updating emule server list introduction

Updating emule server list

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