Who is vic mignogna dating

Vic Mignogna (aka Dick Mangina) is a whiny, pretentious little twat from Houston, Texas who somehow manages to make animu even gayer with his shit voice acting.While this alone is usually not enough to warrant an article, Mangina takes his faggotry to newfound levels.He's a hopeless Christian fucknut who shoves his religion down the throat of every one of his fans.Still, while this is annoying at best, what really makes the fag notable is his hopeless hypocrisy, disrespect for his own fucking fans, and the sheer idiocy of said fans as they continue to lick his balls even after PROOF that their "Fuhrer" is a complete ass.Oh, yeah, and it goes without saying that he's got an ego bigger than the state he lives in.He's been known to openly talk shit about anyone who doesn't treat him like God. One thorn in the side of his fandom is his hatred for yaoi and rampant homophobia.

He's also been known to send his retarded fans (pardon, Rangers) to get him booze. With all that talent, Vic has done a lot of voice work, leading up to an expansive resume of gawky teenage boys and some other people.

Some argue that his most famous role lies in the incestuous faggot known as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Many of his fangirls wish to be assfucked by this amputee freak of nature, and so this also gets Vic some action (despite the fact that the original Japanese voice actor has a vagina).

In an unsurprising feat of hypocrisy, he plays Fai, possibly the gayest character in the show Tsubasa Chronicles, which is about a retarded loli trying to find feathers.

Fans of the series can easily see that he is getting screwed by an orphan ninja.

It should be known that, despite blatant faggotry throughout the series, Vic fervently denies that he engages in taking it up the pooper. A) The balls are not touching, B) He does the ANIME, u gaiz, not the MANGA (PS The gayness is being made into moving pictures, so that doesn't fly anymore.) C) I TOTALLY MET THE AZN CHICKS WHO MADE THE MANGA, MMK? Ignoring the fact that CLAMP (the group of aforementioned azns) is well known for their gay animu.

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March 2018. Vic Mignogna news, gossip, photos of Vic Mignogna, biography, Vic Mignogna girlfriend list 2016. Relationship history. Vic Mignogna relationship list. 
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Actor Vic Mignogna talks about what it's like being. Fullmetal Alchemist star Vic Mignogna has recently revealed what it. The two were dating for over a. 
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Who is vic mignogna dating introduction

Who is vic mignogna dating

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